Well, Hello There!

Pleased to meet you.  This is where we tell you a little bit about ourselves so you can shake your head and say, "that's cool."

Designer. Educator. Writer. Strategist. Abrupt Singer.


Two decades of experience in the creative  and educational industries, producing memorable  digital experiences as smart, as they are catchy.

Engine Specs

We're like a Hemi. For your head.

Idea Engine runs on 100% clean energy. We're fueled by knowledge power, baby!

Our engine converts frivolous branding, marketing, design, and advertising into the raw power of information sharing. Our clients educate their clients, so they may find the full power of their potential. 

We take the "leave it better than you found it " motto to heart-- and to the head.

  • 20 Years of Web Design
  • 20 Years of Curriculum Design
  • 20 Years of Professional Copywriting and Editing 
  • 8 Years of Graphic Design
  • 8 Years of Instructional Design
  • 3 Years in Advertising  
  • 3 Years of Social Media Content Design

How It Works

So what are you in for if you sign-up with us? 


Step 1: Getting to Know You

We chat. We giggle. We survey your interests and your goals.


Step 2: Exploring Stylescapes and Your Brand Story

You are presented with options and strategies. Just a bunch of parts that we use to draw an engine blueprint . You say "Yes". Then No. Then, "Eureka! This is it!"


Step 3: Engine Build

Our engineer builds your brand, customizing it along the way.


Step 4: Test Drive & Diagnostics 

We take that engine out for a ride. Spread her wings. Make sure she can fly

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