Knowledge is 100% clean energy. Let it power the world and your marketing.

Let's Mind Your Business.           

Idea Engine Media specializes in helping small business owners rethink their business models, restructure their signature products and services, and educate their ideal clients through design and marketing to make everyone happier, wiser, and more profitable.

 Give Your Business Some


Whether its building an identity for a new business, boosting your sales with a  revamp, giving your social media some more giddy-up,  or overhauling a business that has some great parts--

 We're ready start your engine.  

Brand Design

Need the logo and the look of your business? Need some guidance in developing your brand so you can reach your audience?  Yes! We do that that!

Web Design

Need a website that really moves audiences?  Want an engaging site that will turn heads? A site you can show off and say-- "Isn't she a beauty?" We've got the skills to thrill!

Product Design

Packaging? T-Shirts? Promotional deliverables? We make stuff look cool so your target audience will show of their loot like it's a pair of designer shoes!

Course Design

Want to make an interactive course for your clients, employees or a quick informational vlog? From short one minute videos and tutorials to complicated weeks-long courses, we will help you build engaging, educational tutorials that power your business. 

Content Creation

Need to set-up your social media platforms and fuel your engine with some  high-grade content?  Oh, the social platforms you can go!


We love writing! Academic? No problem. Informal? We've got you. Need someone to  write your content?  Well, let us get our pens ready...

The Showroom

You wanna' see what's possible? Want to see what all the hula-baloo is about? A few designs to get your motor runnin'.

Who are we?

Nice to meet you. We're a a small think tank with a mega motor. We believe in making sure we produce the most engaging, empowering, and informative content and design that will move your business in the right direction.

Happy Clients

Margaret Woodward


Physical Therapy

I just loved JJ's work! She spent time and expertise to really understand what I wanted, even when I didn't. Her surveys helped her to streamline and focus on what was important to me! She was fun, smart, has a great way of wording things so that they flow and give off what I wanted. Just an all over fabulous experience! 

JJ really listened to what I wanted and helped me cultivate my brand and styles from start to finish.  She offered so many options and styles for logos and stylescapes-- that I was able to easily identify my own unique and authentic brand. It was apparent she took the time to think through all the aspects of my brand's goals and create cohesion through out all materials .



Lee Rains Thomas

When It Rains Photography

Melissa Engel

Mortgage Broker

Idea Engine started by helping me with some copywriting for promotional materials. I then recruited them to help me with my social media campaigns across several platforms.  They are an imperative part of my ability to promote myself and educate my clients on any type of  fluctuations in my industry.

I have known JJ for quite some time. I have been lucky enough to hire her as a consultant for some of my promotional campaigns and to begin developing my social media strategy.  She is creative, knowledgeable, and is always thinking about how I can help to use my marketing not only to promote myself, but how to really help my clients.   

Marc Mai


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